Monday, 11 October 2010

Album Review: Luan Parle - The Full Circle

'The Full Circle' is the second album from Luan Parle. There's much to admire here but the album ultimately leaves me cold and detached.

I think there are two major distinct music markets at play in Ireland. There's the urban/youthful market which is fuelled by the major bloggers and journalists and centred on the larger music venues. Then we have the rural market which is in the main fuelled by the regional stations and has it's foundations in the small venues, pubs and word of mouth of the public. Luan Parle's second album 'The Full Circle' will do well and sell lots in the rural market but I can't imagine it making great strides in the urban market.

'The Full Circle' flirts with many genres including pop, rock, blues and Imelda May esque rockabilly! The album revolves on Luan's voice which is soulful and powerful while at the same time sounding very cabaret! There are a few good tracks on here. The single 'Parade' is a nice slice of pop. 'Is This Goodbye' is a beautiful love song and is the best track on the album. 'If I' is another good love song which is mainly Luan's voice and acoustic guitar.

I've been unable to connect with the album. Apart from the love songs above the lyrics are not very inspirational. I also can't get past the album artwork which features Luan in a convertible with a shiny guitar, leather jacket and designer sunglasses all of which belongs to the good times. I suppose the best thing to say about the album is that it's an attempt to bring back the good times with songs like 'Sexy Sita', 'Parade' and 'Why Baby Why'. I just ain't feeling the love.

Luan Parle - the Full Circle [6 out of 12]


02 Sexy Sita by luanparle

You can buy 'The Full Circle' at Tesco and Heatons!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Album Review: The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra - Lowering The Tone

Exceptionally talented live band The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra have just released an impressive debut album entitled 'Lowering The Tone'. The album could be described as fun alternative folk for adults!

The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra from the west of Ireland consists of nine members playing instruments from the usual guitars, bass, keyboards etc. to the bizarre such as a metal dustbin! To use a rugby analogy; the front row consists of the Blake siblings Ann the lead vocalists, James on vocals and acoustic guitar and David the chief composer and songwriter in the band. They are backed by a wonderful cast of experienced musicians. Full bio here:

'Lowering The Tone' is a really impressive collection of songs which are well written and thought out. I've had an earlier demo cd for the last year and the best songs on the album were also on that demo. Tracks like the single 'Grace Jones', 'Soon' and 'December' have become featured tracks on my various playlists that it seems rather odd for me to review them here. 'Soon' in particular has been one of my favourite tracks in the last year because of the wonderful strings and vocals.

Of the tracks on the album which are new to me I really love the drinking song 'Long Time Rogue' with James Blake on lead vocals. 'Summit' contains wonderful harmonies from Ann and David. I love the positivity within the song 'New Miracle'. In fact there isn't a poor song on the album and there's enough variation within the tracks to hold attention and interest.

As mentioned above this is a grown-up album of inspirational songs, wonderful harmonies and interesting song structures. The main quality I love about the album is the infusion of fun which flows throughout the album.

The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra - Lowering The Tone [10 out of 12]

Listen to 'The Devil & Me' here:

The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra - Devil & Me by sillygooserecords

Buy the album:

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Live At Boyles - Oct 14th

I've been rather quiet on the blog of late. Like many Irish people I'm shocked and angry that the people in charge of the country have simply let us all down with no sign of hope.

I want to use this blog to promote the positive events happening to give us a lift even for a few hours. If anyone has an event they want plugged here please get in touch.

My own little contribution to the live music arena is back on October 14th. It's in a venue called Boyles, Slane which is an intimate venue run by real music people with a music loving crowd. I'm delighted with the following line-up:

The Blue Choir will headline. They are the best alternative rock band I've seen in a long time.

We're delighted to welcome back Kiernan McMullan to Boyles. He is an amazing guitarist with some decent songs as well!

Norabelles indie folk sound is simply seductive. I'm really looking forward to their debut album released soon.

Kicking off the night will be the newly formed Navan band The Great Simones. From the few videos on YouTube they may well be the best band on the night.