Monday, 29 August 2016

2 Return .... or NOT 2 Return

I've begun a new hobby recently as a casual record seller at car boot sales. My stock includes the following:

I'm considering doing a kind of retro review of albums I find. 

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

I Am On A Break

Yes folks .... we are on a short break:

However  ..... NEWS

Congratulations...your blog 2UIBestow  has made it onto the Blog Awards Ireland 2015 - Long-list! 

Your blog has been long-listed in Best Entertainment Blog!!! 

So yeah put that in your pipe and smoke it! 

Here's a few songs with the word break in it! 

Monday, 3 August 2015

List: Top 10 Pearl Jam Songs

There's no logical reason for doing a Top 10 list of Pearl Jam songs other than I simply wanted to.

1. Breath

From the Singles soundtrack, Breath is a very early Pearl Jam composition and didn't make the cut for Ten. Ultimately this was a wise decision, because Ten is a perfect album and another 'hit' in the shape of Breath could easily have affected the balance of grunge rock and swooning ballads of Black, Garden and Release.

2. Nothingman

From the annoying 'Vitalogy' album, the one with five great songs and a bunch of punk rock fillers is where you'll find this gem 'Nothingman'. Probably had the biggest effect on me as a young adult.

3. Sleight of Hand

My love for Pearl Jam wavered a bit around 'No Code', even 'Yeild' failed to lift my spirits somewhat but 'Binaural' is a fine album. Towards the end of the album you'll find the Jeff composed 'Sleight of Hand'.

4. Jeremy

The funny thing about Jeremy is that it's only in recent years have I felt anything strong for Jeremy. The song is brilliant, with a superb video but when I listened to the intricate tones in Vedders grunting towards the end of the track that the emotion hit me hard.

5. Army Reserve

Taken from the album 'Pearl Jam' is this gem of a tune again towards the end of the album. Th 3 minute song is full of energy, great guitar rifts and a proper message.

6. Daughter

From V's is the anthem that is Daughter. Such great lyrics, great song but with Daughter it's Jeff's bass lines that are key to the beauty within:

7. Nothing as it Seems

Also from Binaural is Nothing as it Seems. Again the guitar rifts and the lyrics stand out ...

8. Porch

I just want to say ...... with this song Pearl Jam made it to my favourite band in the grunge era:

9. Pilate

From Yield is a little funny 3 minute song that contains one of Pearl Jam's best melodies ....

10. Immortality

One of Pearl Jam's perfect songs from Vitalogy

Long guitar solo .... check,
harrowing subject/tribute ...... check
great lyrics and vocals ...... check

Friday, 31 July 2015

Féile Remembered

It's been in the news that 25 years ago Irish Summers got a bit more interesting with the arrival of Féile festivals. I was lucky enough to be a mid teen attender at Feile 1994 with great memories of dancing to Blur, the dangerous mosh pit of 'House of Pain' the rock and roll swooning of Primal Scream and perfect pop of Bjork.

There are a few funny clips from Feile on Youtube but we'll start with the line-ups!

The poster for the first Féile in 1990 was .....

In 1991 we had:

And in 1992 there was .....

There are currently no posters online for the Feiles of 1993 or the last one in Turles is 1994. Taken from Wikipedia here are a list of bands from each year:


Acts included INXSIggy PopThe LevellersThe Sultans of Ping FCThe ChristiansThe ShamenKerbdogA HouseThe Frank and Walters and Chris de Burgh. Unruly behaviour by fans attracted criticism, with 141 arrests, mostly for drug possession, and two rapes reported.[10] The concert reportedly generated IR£300,000 for the Gaelic Athletic Association.[11] There were three stages, and the Jim Rose Circus.[12]


1994 was Féile's final year as an on-grounds camping festival and tagged 'The Last Trip To Tipp'. Acts included The ProdigyBlurThe CranberriesBjörkRage Against the MachineHouse of PainKerbdogCypress Hill, Grant Lee Buffalo and Aimee Mann amongst others. This was the last year of the initial arrangement with the GAA for the use of Semple Stadium. Objections from locals prevented renewing the arrangement. Televised by MTV, many of the artists stated their praise for the crowd as one of the most electric audiences they'd ever had.[13] Dance music dominated over rock in the lineups.[14

Best Videos from Feile:

Check out the crazy crowd and Tony Fenton RIP in this coverage of Turnip Fish from The Sultans of Ping in 1992:

In 1993 The Levellers were one of the headliners:

Iggy Pop from 1993:

MTV were invited for 1994, here's Bjork headlining the Sunday night

Also from MTV in 94 was The Cranberries with Linger:

Here's a fine playlist of Feile videos you can browse through.

There's a fine Irish Times podcast here with a fascinating discussion about Feile:

Number 1: Glen Hansard - Being in Love (Top 20 Songs of 2015)

I'm going back to regular blogging by posting a song a day. I'm doing this by way of numerous random lists beginning with .....

.... Top 20 Songs of 2015 so far.

Here's the full list .... what songs from this year did I miss out on?

20. R - Bubble Gum Geisha
19. Christof - Empty Handed
18. Gavin Glass - Better Left Alone
17. Cry Monster Cry - Postcards
16. The Blood Red Mountain Band - All The Times
15: Calexico - Falling From The Sky
14: Amano - Skies
13: Alabama Shakes - Gimme All Your Love
12: Vann Music - Boy
11: The Decemberists - Make You Better 
10: JJ Grey & Mofro - A Night To Remember
9: Heartless Bastards - Hi-line
8: Hail The Ghost - Colony of Ants
7: Xavier Rudd & The United Nations - Warrior
6: The Hard Ground - Pucker
5: Alien Envoy - Break America
4: Father John Misty - Bored in the USA
3: Paul Tiernan - Happiness
2: Villagers - Hot Scary Summer
1: Glen Hansard - Being in Love

In March of this year Glen released an EP of Jason Molina songs entitled "It Was Triumph We Once Proposed…Songs of Jason Molina" as a tribute to the late great Jason Molina. 'Being in Love' is such a beautifully composed song that Glen does justice to .....