List: Top 10 Pearl Jam Songs

There's no logical reason for doing a Top 10 list of Pearl Jam songs other than I simply wanted to.

1. Breath

From the Singles soundtrack, Breath is a very early Pearl Jam composition and didn't make the cut for Ten. Ultimately this was a wise decision, because Ten is a perfect album and another 'hit' in the shape of Breath could easily have affected the balance of grunge rock and swooning ballads of Black, Garden and Release.

2. Nothingman

From the annoying 'Vitalogy' album, the one with five great songs and a bunch of punk rock fillers is where you'll find this gem 'Nothingman'. Probably had the biggest effect on me as a young adult.

3. Sleight of Hand

My love for Pearl Jam wavered a bit around 'No Code', even 'Yeild' failed to lift my spirits somewhat but 'Binaural' is a fine album. Towards the end of the album you'll find the Jeff composed 'Sleight of Hand'.

4. Jeremy

The funny thing about Jeremy is that it's only in recent years have I felt anything strong for Jeremy. The song is brilliant, with a superb video but when I listened to the intricate tones in Vedders grunting towards the end of the track that the emotion hit me hard.

5. Army Reserve

Taken from the album 'Pearl Jam' is this gem of a tune again towards the end of the album. Th 3 minute song is full of energy, great guitar rifts and a proper message.

6. Daughter

From V's is the anthem that is Daughter. Such great lyrics, great song but with Daughter it's Jeff's bass lines that are key to the beauty within:

7. Nothing as it Seems

Also from Binaural is Nothing as it Seems. Again the guitar rifts and the lyrics stand out ...

8. Porch

I just want to say ...... with this song Pearl Jam made it to my favourite band in the grunge era:

9. Pilate

From Yield is a little funny 3 minute song that contains one of Pearl Jam's best melodies ....

10. Immortality

One of Pearl Jam's perfect songs from Vitalogy

Long guitar solo .... check,
harrowing subject/tribute ...... check
great lyrics and vocals ...... check