Thursday, 25 August 2011

Mixtape: Salty Dog Stage @ Electric Picnic

There seems to be a huge amount of stages at this year's Electric Picnic each one filled with some of Ireland's best bands. The Salty Dog stage has the right mix of great homegrown talent with international artists on the cusp of greatness such as Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and The Dark Jokes.

Here's the line-up and a selection of music from the bands on the bill:


14.00-15.45 Will Softly (DJ)
16.00-17.15 Anna and The Infidels
17.30-18.30 Huey and the Hobgoblins

Mood Elevator 1st Demo by Huey And The Hobgoblins

18.45-19.45 The Band of Midnight Love
20.00-21.00 Rural Savage
21.30-22.30 Hot Sprockets

Honey Skippin by thehotsprockets

23.00-24.15 Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club

Jerry Fish & The Mudbug Club - The Hole in the Boat by A.M.A. Music Agency

24.45-01.45 Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros
01.50-02.30 BP Fallon (DJ)
02.40-04.00 Black Friday


11.00-12.20 Julian Lloyd's Love Breakfast (DJ)
12.30-14.00 Jazzberries
14.30-15.30 Skazz
16.00-17.00 Ange Boxall & Troubadour Rose
17.15-18.15 The Timber Tramps
18.30-19.30 Mola

09 Hollywood by Mola

19.45-20.45 The Transformation Blues Band
21.00-22.00 The Riptide Movement
22.15-23.15 Ham Sandwich

Ham Sandwich - Animals by Vicente P. EDPMC

23.30-24.30 Cajun Kings
24.45-01.45 Prison Love
02.15-04.00 Rubberbandits: Dirty Rave


11.00-12.40 Will Dempsey DJ
13.00-14.15 Maria Doyle Kennedy
14.30-5.45 Fling

Triptych by Fling

16.00-17.15 Blind Yackety

Blind Yackety - Oh Nurse by Blind Yackety promo

17.15-18.15 The Dark Jokes
18.30-19.30 Oddsocks Revival

Chasin' the Dollar by Oddsocks Revival

19.45--20.00 Phelim Drew and the Undertakers
21.00-22.00 Sweet Jane
22.15-23.30 Marner Brown
23.45-24.45 Candidates

02 Procrastination by Candidates Cujo Family

Cujo Family - Shopliftin' in Tesco by ElaineMcCann

02.15-0.3.30 Mighty Stef

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Album Review: Andrew Handrick - Distractions

Brimming with charm, Andrew Handrick's stripped back album has been my late Summer evening soundtrack. 'Distractions' is all about the lyrics, Andrew's vocals and the sentimentality in the songs.

I really love the charm and qualities of this album. It has probably taken Andrew Handrick a number of years to compose the ten tracks on his second album entitled 'Distractions'. However it took three nights to self-record them using just the one mic and adding the backing vocals. While the recorded standard is noticeably below par the quality of the songs shine through.

Andrew has this 'Elliott Smith' - esque softness to his vocals which are very pleasing on the ears. The vocals also bring to life the inter-personal lyrics and stories being told within the ten tracks of 'Distractions'. The title track and the album closer 'Bourban Smiles' are two of the standout tracks of the album. There's a lot of positivity on the album with songs like 'A New Moon Today' and the opening track 'A Little Piece of Happiness'.

The most important aspect of 'Distractions' is that the songs have this ability to immerse you into the song. When I listen to songs like 'Forever' and 'Just For Tonight' I'm completely immersed within the vocals, charm and sentimentality of the songs. Very few artists have the ability to do this but Andrew Handrick is one of them.

There are limits to the sounds created by pleasant vocals and acoustic guitar. While I wouldn't be in favour of a full band sound I feel the addition of strings on certain tracks would've added to the mood.

Andrew Handrick - Distractions [10 out of 12]

Listen to the album here:

Monday, 22 August 2011

Mixtape: IMRO Showcase 2011

Congratulations to all these bands who beat off over 600 other bands to be chosen for the 2011 IMRO Showcase Tour 2011. This gives me and you an opportunity to find some new music!

Below is an opportunity to hear some tunes from the chosen few bands!

Wed September 7th Belfast: Limelight & Katy Daly’s (with Smalltown America Records)
Amidships, Southern, runaway Go, Morning Claws, Seven Summits, Bright Falls & Bomb City 7.

Morning Claws - Slack Magic by Clockwork Apple

Make Lemonade by sevensummitsmusic

Fri September 9th Dublin: Crawdaddy
East Island City, Rooftop Anthem, The Young Folk & The Fallen Drakes

Nobody's Gonna Miss Us by East-Island-City

The Fallen Drakes - Masquerade by Audio Networks

Sat September 10th Derry: The Cellar Bar, Draperstown (with The G Sessions)
Rams Pocket Radio, Intermission, Mojo GoGo & Our Krypton Son.

Boats by RAMS' pocket radio

Sunlight In The Ashes by Our Krypton Son

Thurs September 15th Westmeath: Athlone IT, Athlone
Nova Static, Henrietta Game, Marc O’Reilly & Bipolar Empire

Nova Static - Saving The World At The Weekend by RisingStars

09 Get Back by Salt and Shake Records

Friday September 16th Cork: Cyprus Avenue
Zombie Computer, In Valour, The Empire Lights, Fingersmith & Bona Fide Federation

Momentum by The Empire Lights

Festival by bonafidefederation

Sat September 17th Mayo: Bar Ritz, Castlebar (with Finbar Hoban Presents)
Pearse Mc Gloughlin, Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters, Race The Flux, New Sunset Hotel & Brain Washington

02 Strip The City by foxjawbountyhunters

Bibles by New Sunset Hotel

Thurs September 22nd Kildare: The Late Lounge
Avalanche Ammo, Super Hanz, The P- Affection & Awake Young Soldiers, Sive

Pony Up by Avalanche Ammo

04 Check Point by AwakeYoungSoldiers

Fri September 23rd Dublin: The Grand Social
danielle harrison, The Hot Sprockets, Ghost Estates & I’m Your Vinyl

sweet fresh meats by danielle harrison

Forever Or Never by GHOST ESTATES

Sat September 24th Galway: The Roisin Dubh
Daithi O’Dronai, Rainy Boy Sleep, Junior85 & Milan Jay

Shopping Centre Song (Rainy Boy Sleep) by neonnoisestudios

Thurs September 29th Dublin : Crawdaddy (with Future Bright)
Cars Love Girls, Last Days of 1984, Bear Bones & TBC

Fri September 30th Limerick: Dolans
Dead Red Light. Jefl & Hyde, Moscow Metro, Tenaka & The Hip-Neck Blues Collective.

Flowers by jeflandhyde

Spirit Of The City by Moscow Metro

Sat October 22nd Dublin: The Workman’s Club: Best of IMRO Showcase Tour 2011

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Amhrán Gach Lá - Seamus Fogarty {Spirit of Folk Special}

The Spirit of Folk festival is a totally unique concept for Ireland. It's aim is to celebrate folk arts, folk crafts, folk games, folk spirituality, folk lore, folk philosophy as well as being a fundraising initiative for the Oaktree Charitable Trust. The Spirit of Folk festival is a two-day, family friendly festival running from 23-25 September in the stunning grounds of Dunderry Park, Co Meath. 

From Saturday 13th to Friday 19th August I'll be profiling some of the bands on the bill as well as having a Competition for two weekend passes up for grabs on Friday. 

Today the focus is on Seamus Fogarty!

Mayo man Seamus Fogarty has an interest in "writing songs about eating cake with Phil Collins" according to his Facebook page. [I really like the idea of Phil Collins' fans finding this page through a Phil search on or something!].

The electronic folk music that Seamus writes is very atmospheric, relaxing and in many cases quite charming. I've been listening to his songs on Soundcloud this morning and I'm really interested in how they'll sound live.

Hesitation by seamus fogarty

My favourite tune on Soundcloud is this funny folk tale on having a number one hit!

Number 1 band version rough mix by seamus fogarty

Myles O' Reilly recorded this wonderful video of Seamus Fogarty performing at the Homegame festival in Scotland in 2010. Like all of Myles O'Reilly videos it's well worth a look!