List: Top 10 Irish Albums of the Year

1: Burning Codes - Burning Codes 2

Northern Ireland Indie band Burning Codes released the album of the year. It's full of indie pop tunes which make me want to sing, nod my head and put a smile on my face. It's a complete album where every song seems to fit together seamlessly. The writing is inspiration and some of the gospel-esque melodies are simply superb.

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2: Terence Rowlands - Beta

Terence Rowland's debut 'Beta' is a beautifully crafted album of charming songs showcasing a fine voice, inspirational lyrics and a skilled songwriter. I love the glow which emanates from the album when I listen to it.

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Something Unknown by Terence Rowlands

3: Ham Sandwich - White Fox

Ham Sandwich gets third spot for releasing a great pop album. They focused their attention on the band's best assist which is Niamh's voice which sounded amazing on this album.

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Ham Sandwich - The Naturist by tigger_sinclair

4: Bill Coleman - You Can't Buy Back Your Love

Bill Coleman "writes great songs. Songs of meaning which have a point. These lyrics get delivered with vocals which can be delicate on some tracks and full of passion on others." ... Full Review here!

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Crossfire by bcoleman

5: Keith Mullins - The Great Atlantic

"'The Great Atlantic' is an album of great depth, intimacy and charm which if there was any justice in the world would be listened to by the masses!" Full Review here!

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6: Peter Doran - Sleepless Street

"'Sleepless Street' is a quality album of intelligent songs sung by a singer with a great voice. It has upbeat rock tracks, delicate ballads, piano based tracks, strings, gripping lyrics and even concludes with an epic seven minutes plus swooning ballad which gave the album it's title." Full Review here!

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The Composer by PeterDoran

7: Sean Kangataran - Self-Titled

"The lyrics really stand-out on the album. There are tales of love and relationships, of beauty and self image, of loss and breakdowns and of prominent life journeys." Full Review here!

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Hairpins by SeánKangataran

8: The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra - Lowering The Tone

Lowering The Tone .... "is a grown-up album of inspirational songs, wonderful harmonies and interesting song structures. The main quality I love about the album is the infusion of fun which flows throughout the album." Full Review here!

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December by The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra by sillygooserecords

9: Resurrection Ferm - Transend Mortality

"The better songs on the album are those uplifting tracks like 'Hummingbird Hearts' 'Wall' and the opener 'Something Unlike Love'. I particularly love the refraining lyrics at the end of 'Brothers' and at the outro to 'Stay in the Sun'." Full review here!

10: Fia Rua - Falling Time

"Eoghan sings with such great conviction. When he encourages us to 'Walk Away' in the song of the same name I'm there with him. When he sings 'I crave more magic in my life' it brings to mind The Frames 'Pavement Tune' when Glen belts out 'I want my life to make more sense'." Full Review here!