List: Best 50 Songs of 2010

Here is the full list! There's a three way tie for first place because I forgot about 2 great tunes which I had to include. Also I've heard many great demo tracks through-out the year which are not included here.

1 [A]: Resurrection Fern - Brothers

This warm and charming folk track is a slice of beauty. It's taken from a wonderful debut album which I'm privileged to have heard as I know it hasn't reached many people!

Resurrection Fern - Brothers by 2uibestow

1 [B]: Preachers Son - Lipstick

This Gavin Friday assisted tune is epic. The lyrics, vocals, strings, guitars all work in harmony to create an atmospheric song of real depth.

Lipstick (duet with Gavin Friday) by Preachers Son

1 [C]: Bill Coleman - Church of Second Chances

I adore the vocals, lyrics and message of this track. It's a song which means much to me. If you get a chance you need to buy Bill's album complete with unique artwork!

The Church of Second Chances by bcoleman

2: The Blue Choir - What If I Could Be The One?

There's very few songs that I've heard sung with such conviction than this tune. It's a massive alternative rock track with a super refraining line towards the end of the song.

The Blue Choir - What if I Could Be the One by 2uibestow

3: Peter Doran - Pathways

When I hear this track I love the rhythm, grove and swagger of the guitars and accompanying strings. The melodies and lyrics make this a truly remarkable song.

Pathways by PeterDoran

4: Terence Rowlands - Red Sunrise

Terence Rowlands got in touch with me about 6 weeks back with details of his debut album which he recorded on a budget. I really love the album even though I haven't done the honourable thing as yet and given it a proper review. Everything about this song is perfect even if the production does prove lack of a budget.

5: Pearse McGloughlin - Morning Mist [For The Birds]

This was one of the two tracks I forgot about while I was putting the list together. It's a song I first heard in '09 and then again earlier this year sung with great passion by the Glor Sessions regulars.

6: Tiger Cooke - Out of Reach

This tune is all about the mood and feeling within the song. How did this song not become a major hit for Tiger? The controllers of Ireland's radio stations need to hang their heads in shame for not playing this song.

Out Of Reach - Tiger Cooke - Fingertips of the Silversmith by tigercooke

7: I Am Not Lefthanded - The Place That Won't Take Me Back

IANL had a great 2010. They toured America and raised over $15,000 to record their debut album. They also released a great EP from which comes this wonderful song.

The Place That Won't Take Me Back by I Am Not Lefthanded

8: Seán Kangataran - Don't Bet On Beauty

Seán gathered a bunch of unfamiliar musicians together to record a really superb album which I listen to on a regular basis. The vocals here are so wonderful and delicate.

9: Eric Eckhart - Lost

One time Irish resident Eric Eckhart also released a debut album of the highest quality. 'Lost' is the best Coldplay song not written by Chris Martin. I don't know if anyone will see that as a compliment! 'Lost' is a brilliant tune which I have to encourage you to check out.

Lost by Eric Eckhart

10: Keith Mullins - Mistakes

Keith Mullins released an Americana album which brings to mind the delicate sides of Calexico. The stand-out track is this poignant and catchy song called 'Mistakes'!

Keith Mullins - Mistakes by 2uibestow

Read about songs 11 - 20:

11: Sean [Dr.] Millar - Sports and Pussy
12: Burning Codes - Can You Hear The Sounds?
13: Reader's Wives - Victor's Mother Juliet
14: Ham Sandwich - Ants
15: A Lazarus Soul - A Penthouse View
16: Herm - Rearrange
17: A Plactic Rose - The Kids Don't Behave Like This
18: The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra - Long Time Rogue
19: Anthony Furey & The Young Folk - Sad Day
20: Jennifer Evans - Scattered

Read about songs 21 - 30:

21: Fia Rua - More Magic
22: BellaJane - Man Overboard
23: The Dead Flags - Anymore
24: Fiach - Stop
25: The Dirty 9s - Trouble
26: Maria Byrne - All You Need
27: A Band Called Wanda - Two by Two
28: The Ambience Affair - Parting Patterns
29: Owensie - Subtle Connections
30: Simon Fagan - Damn Honey

Read about 31 - 40:

31: Villagers - That Day
32: The Long Knives - Pheremones
33: Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn
34: Skibunny - Miles Iz Dead
35: Groom - This Golden Age
36: James Vincent McMorrow - From The Woods!!
37: Bobby Noonan - I Love The Sound Of Rain
38: Kate O'Callaghan - When I Get Low
39: The Divine Comedy - At The Indie Disco
40: El Hombre Jokes - Just Don't Get Along

Read about 41 - 50:
41: Gavin Glass - Just Like Rome
42: Ollie Cole - Need You Strong
43: Scarecrow Disco - Your Parrot's Low On Batteries...
44: James Guilmartin - Untimely Tails
45: New Amusement - Gone to Sea
46: Eleanor McEvoy - Take You Home
47: Hal - Down in the Valley
48: Gavin Mulhall - Surrender to Reason
49. Vyvienne Long - Happy Thoughts
50: Awake Young Soldiers - Auburn