List: Best 50 Songs of 2010 [31 - 40]

We're well into 'Lists Season' and it's about time I got into it! I suppose we're moving into an age where the song and not the album is deemed of paramount importance. The top 50 contains the 50 tracks from 50 different artists and like all lists they represent the music which I adore at this very moment in time.

31: Villagers - That Day

I'm not the biggest fan of Villagers. The album is not the best thing I've heard all year. However I am delighted by Villagers hard earned respect and success. The album is growing on me and the standout track for me is 'That Day'.

That Day by musicmusicmusic

32: The Long Knives - Pheremones

Drogheda based band The Long Knives have been quiet of late but released an EP at the beginning of the year. 'Pheremones' is a great little indie rock song with superb vocals.

The Long Knives - Pheremones by 2uibestow

33: Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn

Much like what I said about Villagers above I'm well pleased a little band from Co. Down has achieved so much. Someone should place 'Undercover Martyn' in an advertisement!

Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn by senorapf

34: Skibunny - Miles Iz Dead

Are covers allowed in a list? This Afghan Whigs cover by Belfast's Skibunny is just too good to ignore.

35: Groom - This Golden Age

Groom have had a great 2010. Marriage was their new album released this year and it's full of great indie pop tunes.

36: James Vincent McMorrow - From The Woods!!

I'm beginning to believe my fellow Irish bloggers when they lavish heaps of praise at JVMcM's feet! This is the best song from the album 'Early in the Morning'.

09 - From the Woods!! by partisanpr

37: Bobby Noonan - I Love The Sound Of Rain

Limerick singer-songwriter and all round sound bloke Bobby Noonan writes some good tunes and has a great vocal range. I love this song! [Get all of Bobby's back catalogue from the link above]

Bobby Noonan - I Love The Sound of Rain by 2uibestow

38: Kate O'Callaghan - When I Get Low

Donegal's Kate O'Callaghan released a fine EP called 'To You'. The last song was this little folky number performed live.

Kate O'Callaghn - When I Get Low by 2uibestow

39: The Divine Comedy - At The Indie Disco

Recently I adored finding this tune on the radio. It's the kind of song that makes you feel young! Or nostalgic!

The Divine Comedy - At The Indie Disco by Fantastic Plastic Mag

40: El Hombre Jokes - Just Don't Get Along

Funk rockers El Hombre Jokes have a fine collection of great songs ready for a great debut album in 2011. These talented and ambitious band make music fun again!

Wake Up by El Hombre Jokes

50: Awake Young Soldiers - Auburn
49. Vyvienne Long - Happy Thoughts
48: Gavin Mulhall - Surrender to Reason
47: Hal - Down in the Valley
46: Eleanor McEvoy - Take You Home
45: New Amusement - Gone to Sea
44: James Guilmartin - Untimely Tails
43: Scarecrow Disco - Your Parrot's Low On Batteries...
42: Ollie Cole - Need You Strong
41: Gavin Glass - Just Like Rome


Bobby Noonan said…
Cheers for the mention Peter! Where am I from hahaha???
Peter said…
Ah Bobby I get it now ... you tell me your not from Limerick so I dont figure out you're a Rubberbandit!