List: Best 50 Songs of 2010 [50 - 41]

We're well into 'Lists Season' and it's about time I got into it! I suppose we're moving into an age where the song and not the album is deemed of paramount importance. The top 50 contains the 50 tracks from 50 different artists and like all lists they represent the music which I adore at this very moment in time.

50: Awake Young Soldiers - Auburn

The folk rock sound of Awake Young Soldiers really impressed me and hints at a great debut album next year.

49. Vyvienne Long - Happy Thoughts

Yes I know it was used for an 'Easy Singles' advert but this album closer is a beautiful tune.

48: Gavin Mulhall - Surrender to Reason

I like the simplicity of this track. It's so well written and a potential radio hit!

47: Hal - Down in the Valley

This is probably the most recently released song on the list. It's a return to form for a band who have to start all over again to build a fan base.

46: Eleanor McEvoy - Take You Home

Eleanor released a really good album this year with a few fine tracks on it. The best for me was 'Take You Home'!

45: New Amusement - Gone to Sea

The most recent album reviewed on the blog was released by this fine indie band New Amusement. Gone to Sea is little happy chirpy number!

44: James Guilmartin - Untimely Tails

It's been good this last week to go look back at the albums which I reviewed this year. Among them was James Guilmartin's debut 'Intro Into Exile' which contains this gem of a song.

43: Scarecrow Disco - Your Parrot's Low On Batteries...

This single was released as part of a split single with The Hot Sprockets. This track is charming and full of warmth.

42: Ollie Cole - Need You Strong

I played this tune a good few times last month. It's a powerhouse of a track which is inspirational and wonderfully composed. It's the stand-out track in a fine debut album from the former Turn singer.

41: Gavin Glass - Just Like Rome

'Just Like Rome' is the lead single from Gavin's third album 'Myna Birds' and it's a really great tune.