List: Best 50 Songs of 2010 [11 - 20]

This top 50 list contains the 50 tracks from 50 different artists and like all lists they represent the music which I adore at this very moment in time.

11: Sean [Dr.] Millar - Sports and Pussy

Sean Millar is a literary genius as demonstrated again by his 'Of The People' parts one and two releases this year. I adore this little folky number which contains scathing observations which makes me smile!

12: Burning Codes - Can You Hear The Sounds?

Next week when I get to write my favourite albums of 2010 the second Burning Codes album will be close to the top. It's full of warm indie pop tunes like this one.

13: Reader's Wives - Victor's Mother Juliet

You know if a song is great when you can recall it easily at any one moment. On my way to work when Juliet reads the news on Today FM I can hear Niall belting out the chorus of this tune.

14: Ham Sandwich - Ants

'Ants' is the stand-out track from Ham Sandwich's second album 'White Fox'. I highly encourage you all to check out the album. It's a mature pop classic. I love the Niamh and Podge harmonies in this tune.

Ham Sandwich - Ants by 2uibestow

15: A Lazarus Soul - A Penthouse View

Brian Brannigan is in my eyes another lyrical genius who merges indie sounds with astute commentaries of life. 'A Penthouse View' was a free download taster from the new album 'Grand Canal Docks' which is due out in the New Year.

16: Herm - Rearrange

Herm's album 'Monsters' was released in '09 but 'Rearrange' came out as a single in the Summer and it's a super indie grungie song.

Herm 'Rearrange' by undercurrents

17: A Plastic Rose - The Kids Don't Behave Like This

A Plastic Rose write great alternative rock tunes. They are a big festival band in the making and I can't wait until their time comes to release a debut album.

18: The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra - Long Time Rogue

BPLO released an excellent album 'Lowering The Tone' which includes many excellent tracks like December, Grace Jones and Soon! However the little gem in the album is this drinking song 'Long Time Rogue'. Go on now, take a drink, hug a loved one, listen and sing out loud!

The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra - Long Time Rogue by 2uibestow

19: Anthony Furey & The Young Folk - Sad Day

'Sad Day' is one of the most positive happy little tunes I've heard all year. Anthony is a superb songwriter and deserves your attention.

Anthony Furey & The Young Folk - Sad Day by 2uibestow

20: Jennifer Evans - Scattered

I was delighted to finally see Jennifer Evans live last month in The Village. She is massively talented, ultra professional and backed by a sublime backing band. She writes wonderful jazzy indie tunes such as this track represented by a beautifully made video.

21: Fia Rua - More Magic
22: BellaJane - Man Overboard
23: The Dead Flags - Anymore
24: Fiach - Stop
25: The Dirty 9s - Trouble
26: Maria Byrne - All You Need
27: A Band Called Wanda - Two by Two
28: The Ambience Affair - Parting Patterns
29: Owensie - Subtle Connections
30: Simon Fagan - Damn Honey
31: Villagers - That Day
32: The Long Knives - Pheremones
33: Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn
34: Skibunny - Miles Iz Dead
35: Groom - This Golden Age
36: James Vincent McMorrow - From The Woods!!
37: Bobby Noonan - I Love The Sound Of Rain
38: Kate O'Callaghan - When I Get Low
39: The Divine Comedy - At The Indie Disco
40: El Hombre Jokes - Just Don't Get Along
41: Gavin Glass - Just Like Rome
42: Ollie Cole - Need You Strong
43: Scarecrow Disco - Your Parrot's Low On Batteries...
44: James Guilmartin - Untimely Tails
45: New Amusement - Gone to Sea
46: Eleanor McEvoy - Take You Home
47: Hal - Down in the Valley
48: Gavin Mulhall - Surrender to Reason
49. Vyvienne Long - Happy Thoughts
50: Awake Young Soldiers - Auburn