Album Review: Niall Thomas - Breathe Easy

The debut album 'Breathe Easy' by Dubliner Niall Thomas is a fine collection of Americana folk songs which has been an enjoyable listen over the last number of weeks.

'Breathe Easy' was recorded in a cottage in Wicklow, engineered and produced by Karl Odlum and mastered in Abbey Road Studios by Steve Rooke. The album is a collection of ten songs and features Karl Odlum, Martin McCann, Petra Odlozilikova, Scott Davis, Kevin Murphy, Aidan Courtney and Christophe Capewell and can be listened to and bought here:

While I've enjoyed listening to 'Breathe Easy', I'm finding it really difficult to write a review for a collection of songs that trickle along nicely without really lighting a fire within. There are some really nice tracks on here including the title track, the lovely guitar playing of 'Hook by Hook' and the thought provoking 'Nothing & Everything':

The best songs on the album are the opening trio of 'Down This Road Before', 'Hit and Run' and the folky 'Spillin' Diamonds' featuring the fine fiddle of Christophe Capewell. They showcase Niall's fine vocals and an ability to come up with nice folk hooks and melodies. 

'Breathe Easy' is a good album with some really nice songs and had the potential to be a great album. I've no doubt that Niall's has a great album in him but 'Breathe Easy' isn't it. Due to a number of weaker tunes and a lack of warmth and charm, the album failed to hit me with a passion.

Niall Thomas - Breathe Easy [8 out of 12]