Album Review: Sive - We Are Moving

'We Are Moving' is a majestic debut album from Kildare band 'Sive' which infuses charming gentle folk sounds with an alternative edge that's bound together with wonderful lead vocals.

The whole album flows from acoustic gentle folk melodies to full electric sounds with an edge. It works because Sadhbh's vocals and lyrics bind the contrasting sounds together. There's also elements of jazz and pop on 'We Are Moving' but this is an album to check out if you're a fan of Natalie Merchant style folk or if you like the grittier sounds of Anna Calvi or PJ Harvey.

As it turns out the tracks which appeal to me are those with an electric alternative sound. The band realise that Sadhbh's vocals and lyrics are to be kept to the forefront so there's rarely a misplaced guitar solo or overuse of drum symbols. My favourite track off the album is 'Piece of my Mind'.

The singles 'Sunkissed' and the title track do stand out a little but almost any song off the album could be released as a single. I particularly enjoy the axis of songs on the 'Second Side' which are 'Burning Slowly', 'The Wait' and 'Crashing Waves'. This last song contains some wonderful lyrics full of imagery and amazing musicianship. 

'We Are Moving' is a superb album from a band who I believe have international appeal and a potentially long music career ahead of them. The album can be downloaded through bandcamp for the tiny sum of €4.99 here:

Sive - We Are Moving [11 out of 12]