Album Review: Cars Love Girls - Skip School

Cars Love Girls release a funky happy little album on March 8th entitled Skip School and it ain't too bad!

So Cars Love Girls are brother and sister Bres & Orla! Thankfully it's not Bressie! Oh wait Niall Breslin is also in the family. I bet he must hate the fact that his siblings write way better music than him! Anyway that's way too much sarcasm for one review.

'Skip School' is a good album of ten songs which are well written, sung and have the right amount of cheese. It's similar to the pop/rap of The Republic of Loose without being a Carbon Copy! It's perfect for pop radio without being annoying. It's got a number of good tunes but suffers from them sounding the same! It's an album I liked listening to without it getting me excited!

Cars Love Girls leave the best song until last. In that wise tradition of ending an album on an epic note, the seven minute anthem 'Funny Little Thing' is a superb track. Influenced by seventies soulful sound the track consists of wonderful guitar rifts and outstanding vocals which really hit the high notes. Other highlights include 'Left Us Sly' and the current single 'Future Ex-wife'.

'Skip School' is a decent album which will turn the band into minor celebrities in Ireland for a few months. The launch is on March 8th in the Workmans Club.

Cars Love Girls - Skip School [8 out of 12]