Album Review: Fling - Self-titled

Fling manage to capture their infectious live performances within their debut album. This is a gutsy charming album which re-aquatints us with timeless traditional ballads and introduces us to new jigs for modern times!

There's no album out there more varied than the debut album from Galway band Fling. While folk is at it's core we have traditional ballads sitting next to new tunes next to Dylanesque folk and continental sounds.

The majority of the album is instrumental folk but for me the lead vocals of Liam Carroll really shine on songs like 'Shady Grove' and 'Friend of Mine'. If there's a criticism is that there wasn't more traditional folk songs on the album which would showcase Liam's vocals.

Shady Grove by Fling

The reels I love include the album closer 'Triptych' [really a trio of reels], 'Atlantic Swell' with it's booming bass and the chirpy charming 'Bottle Opener'. I love how the album liner notes gives an insight into the origins and background information of each tune on the album.

Triptych by Fling

Many of the albums I write passionately about have an atmosphere and charm about them and Fling have this in abundance. For example I love the feeling of walking in open Irish pasture when I listen to a track like 'Foregone Conclusion' and a couple of tracks later I'm in the midst of a 'Spanish' party dancing to 'Puerto de Sol'.

Fling is a wonderful and varied album which is well worth checking out!

Fling - self-titled [11 out of 12]

Tour Dates:

10th Nov - The Pint, Eden Quay, Dublin
11th Nov - Boyles, Slane