Album Review: Lisa Hannigan - Passengers

Lisa Hannigan is one of Ireland's best songwriters. Her second album 'Passingers' contain a number of amazing tracks which can only be admired and adored. Unfortunately theses wonderful tune sit among the ordinary!

Lisa Hannigan joins with James Vincent McMorrow and Villagers to raise the bar even higher in terms of musical composition, instrumentation and style. 'Passengers' is a deep artistic album which contains some great tunes that deserve your attention.

These include the epic opener 'Home', the current single 'Knots' and the sublime gorgeous 'Paper House'. In fact 'Paper House' is one of my favourite songs of the year. The vocals, strings and lyrics of 'Paper House' create a wonderful charming song. The other song I love is the love song 'Nowhere To Go' which almost deserves a review on it's own.

With all this positivity 'Passengers' you would think that it should be my album of the year. I find that some of the songs go nowhere in particular for me. A song like 'A Sail' brings to mind looking at a Monet on a wall and admiring it without being able to delve into it and really appreciate it's beauty. Even Ray Lamontagne's cameo fails to entice me on the track 'O Sleep'. Sometimes the lyrics get lost when the vocals get intense and for many of the songs I'm not a 'Passenger' in the song's journey.

However, 'Paper House', 'Nowhere To Go' and 'Home' are still epic tunes that you need to check out!

Lisa Hannigan - Passenger [10 out of 12]

Lisa Hannigan- Knots by MMMusic