Album Review: Padraig McCauley and the P Affection – Self-Titled

The debut album from Padraig McCauley and the P Affection is a superb collection of pop songs designed to lift your spirits.

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The self-titled debut album from Padraig McCauley & The P Affection is a breath of fresh nostalgia. The ten tracks are a homage to the best of 1980's pop. I'm not talking Bananarama pop but the good stuff like Lloyd Cole, Aztec Camera and Prefab Sprout. This album though is not a weak imitation of the best music from the 80's but it's a bunch of well written catchy pop gems which shamelessly displays it's influences on it's sleeve.

The album kicks off with the best pop song written in about 25 years entitled 'Worries of the World'. The brass section and guitar rift of 'Trouble in Paradise' brings to mind Madness. 'The Flood' is a well written love song with colourful lyrics. The catchiest chorus belongs to the track 'I'm Fucking Amazing' and reminds me of the pop music Irish band Blink used to make in the early 90s. The album closer 'Beggars & Cannibals' even has steel drums in it in case you missed all the 80's references during the previous nine tracks!

I really enjoy the simplicity of Padraig McCauley & The P Affection. It's a fun album from a quality vocalist and songwriter. The music is just pure pop from start to finish. With all the gloom in the country someone should tell the radio stations to play some of this album for high value entertainment!

Padraig McCauley and the P Affection – Self-Titled [10 out of 12]

Check out the best tracks here:

Worries Of The World by thepaffection

The Flood by thepaffection

Beggars & Cannibals by thepaffection