List: The Best 25 Songs in the life of 2UIBestow [pt 2]

In the week where we will reach 1000 posts on the blog I'll be counting down the best 25 songs I've discovered during the lifetime of the blog. 5 tracks a day in which my part 5 of the list hopefully being post 1000! Most of the songs will be available for download through Soundcloud.

16: Ultan Conlon - Old & Wise

Galwegian Ultan Conlon is an amazing songwriter and deserves to be discovered by the masses. I love the delicacy of this song.


Ultan Conlon - Old & Wise by 2uibestow

17: Arrow in the Sky - Verbal Waltz

Arrow in the Sky are one of the most talented bands in the country at the moment. They are close to releasing new material in the form on an EP. I can't wait!


Arrow in the Sky - Verbal Waltz by 2uibestow

18: Maria Byrne - All You Need

Maria Byrne's 'All You Need' is a ridiculousy happy song but I love it!


Maria Byrne - All You Need by 2uibestow

19: The Chapters - Videotapes

A few months I named The Chapters as the best band in Ireland at that moment in time. This lead single from their debut album is a real highlight from the last couple of years.


The Chapters - Videotapes by 2uibestow

20: Sean Needham - I'm Not Afraid

Sean who is now living in Denmark released one of my favourite albums of last year. This song is so positive, catchy and infectious.


Sean Needham - I'm Not Afraid by 2uibestow

21: Herm - Rearrange
22: Peadar King - Wanted Something
23: Peter Doran - Pathways
24: The Whiskey Limbs - Love Song
25: Junah - Walk Me To The Ground