Martin Finke - Make Daylight Review

Make Daylight is the 7th studio album from Martin Finke since his home recorded debut in 1999 and it's a superb album. The much travelled performer having lived in Galway, Boston and now residing in San Francisco has created an album worthy of your attention. Martin has a distinct voice which finds me attentive to every lyric within the various soundscapes on the album. Those lyrics are mini compositions about love, relationships, motivations, despair and life amongst many other themes. The 11 tracks range from Martin's take on a singer-songwriter song such as 'Make You Sing' and 'Bad Wine' to the electronic pop of 'Stay' and 'Brendan Gardens'.

To me, an album becomes special if you can connect with the album either musically or lyrically. Make Daylight for me at present is that album. This album is a must if your a Jape or David Kitt fan while it could easily be the male equivalent to Beth Orton's Trailer Park album. Another obvious comparison to Martin Finke is Jose Gonzales. Fingers crossed Sony grabs hold of Make Daylight for future advertisements.

Martin Finke - Make Daylight: 10 out of 12

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