Sunday's Seven Degrees of Lost Bands

In Ireland now like a lot of the world is experiencing a massive re-adjustment. Life seems to be spiralling back to the 1980's at a fierce rate where unemployment was high, emigration dominated family life and money was scarce. However culturally Ireland was alive and kicking. The child of the 1980's produced many fine bands who are no more. Below are Delorentos and six more samples from recent bands who should not be forgotten.

Leya - In Our Hands [More info]

Label [Terry Sutton, Binzer, Simon Good, Shane Fitzsimons] - No One To Blame [More info]

The Chalets - Love Punch [MySpace]

Wallmark [Padraig Digan] - Dryland [More info]

Delorentos - All This Time [More info]

The Prayer Boat [Emmett Tinley] - Paralysed [More info]

...... due to the nature of this post if any artist does not want their music represented here please contact me asap on mixtape4melfi[at]gmail{dot}com