Interview: Electric Eel Shock [Performing Live in The Workman's Club, Sunday June 28th]

2015 Is Electric Eel Shock’s 21st Birthday…
They are celebrating with a World Tour of Europe in June and July! Catch them this Sunday night in The Workman's Club. 

1. Who are you?

We are the rock and roll band that has Geisha girl groupies "Electric Eel Shock". Who are you?

2. Where are you based?

Formed and going in super sushi town Tokyo Japan. But myself and bassist Kazuto met a long long time ago at high school in Osaka. I had to protect him from all the bullies because his mum used to dress him in girls clothes. Still sometimes he wears a training bra.

3. What achievements do you want me to know about?

I've got offer to design the fishing rod to sell in Europe!
Because I am fishing freak,
If they bring me a big money, my rock'n'roll should be more free !!!

4. What are you up to now?

Right now i am waiting for rest of band to get up so we can drive to our next show in liverpool...

5. Name something unique about you or/and your product?

We are not a product! That is for washing machine or saucepan or new trousers. We are creative being, however we will appear on compilation album product for Japanese Ninja animation product. It is called Ninja Slayer.

6. Tell us about a song/album/artist who changed your life.

Deep inside / Truth and soul / Fishbone

Before I heard it, I had 3 different bands for each genre about Metal, Funk, or Punk,

But they showed me I can play all genre in one band.

That is the base of Electric Eel Shock.

7. Have you found any unsung heroes recently? If so tell us about them.

On this tour we met a very nice house engineer in Edinburgh. He took time on the sound check and was very kind and easy guy which is always a pleasure for band. Afterwards we chatted, we discussed festivals, he seemed to know a lot and i began to realise maybe this is not just local band guy. "What is the name of your band?" I asked him. It turned out he was Irish Rob, bassist of Exploited... wow real hero band. He is now my new hero and legrndary hero all in one guy!

8. What are your future plans?

Give back our all borrow money and eating a lot to feel full...

And then we'll go to studio to make new album everybody is waiting long time. We are sorry. We made several albums back to back in past but it was important to live life a little. Make new connections. Find new ideas. We are nearly ready to create again...

9. Where can I spend money on you or your product?

Yeah, we are happy to be product if you want to give us all your Irish money. Go to our website there is a slot you can insert coins and notes. You can buy our best album. Covers album. All our back catalogue. CD or vinyl. Maybe you will look good in a new EES t.shirt. we have 2xl for big western guys. And XS for small shy asian girls. All are available to buy on web shop or at the venue! We need your money to get back to japan!

10. Last question, ...... Make Us Laugh

You know our ex manager Bob Slayer is now a comedian. I think this is because everyone in the music industry always told him he was a big joke. We could be a big band without him holding us back. He is with us on this tour, but not as tour manager, he is official tour drunk. He does opening act where he appollogises for not making us legendary rock stars that you know we are! Come early to our show and heckle him! He really is exactly bastard!