EP Review: The Jigsaw Jam - Somewhere Between Lost and Found

Review by Peter Nagle

"Somewhere Between Lost and Found", is the second EP from the Dublin based six piece The Jigsaw Jam and is released worldwide tomorrow, Friday 12th June. It's a fine mix of traditional, pop, indie, folk which intertwine throughout the whole EP. The EP contains 4 original tracks and one cover 'Man in the Moon', written by Bill Dickson and Kathy Stewart with each song dragging you into different genres that ultimately complement each other.

The EP kicks off with the instrumental 'Jasmine's Jig' before easing into 'Ag Caint' a bilingual tune with male/female harmonies which gracefully swoons towards a catchy, refraining "Tar abhaile liom" meaning come home with me in Irish. It's the real star of the EP and can be heard exclusively here below:

"We Have Done" is a perfect little three minute pop song heavily based on mandolin and them gorgeous harmonies. "Skylight" is another fine track with keys now at it's core enhanced by violin initially before the full band sound takes off carrying the alternating male/female vocals. The EP finishes with a return to a more traditional folk sound. "Man in the Moon" is world's apart from the pop of 'We Have Done' but for an EP that begins with a Jig, it makes sense to finish with a song that conjures up images of an Ireland gone by. 

It's not often I admire a band for doing for doing things the right way. The Jigsaw Jam are releasing a varied EP of excellent tunes that will appeal to a wide array of music fans. The PR is self managed and the band's EPK includes everything a reviewer would need. They have developed into a group that's comfortable with their own sound and are launching the EP with a gig upstairs in Whelans on Friday July 3rd. Be sure to check out the rest of  "Somewhere Between Lost and Found"

The Jigsaw Jam - Somewhere Between Lost and Found [8 out of 10]