EP Review: Old Hannah - Iron & Wood

Iron & Wood out now from Dublin/Sligo band Old Hannah is one of those gorgeous EPs that tingles the senses and makes you proud that this band are Irish.  

The 5 track EP is a lovely mix of alt-folk that's brimming with delicate charm, wonderful vocals and finger picking delights. I love the vocals of "With you I Adore" which does the slow gentle build up to a foot stomping folk vocal harmonies. It's a great song. The opening track 'West' sets the tone for the EP with it's deep south bluesgrass influences and glorious vocal harmonies. Listen to 'West' here:

'Oh My Love' is a charming love song that hints towards a traditional British folk sound while the lead vocals change for the track 'Boats' from Lucie to one of the three lads with great effect. 'Boats' offers that spark of contrast to keep up the interest before the EP launches into my favourite track 'With You I Adore' which I wrote about above. 

Overall for this EP, roots and folk charm along with those harmonies and great lyrics are enough for me to really enjoy the EP. If it were an album I'd long for more depth, a change of tempo and a fuller sound in addition to the dobro, guitar, banjo and mandolin. 

Old Hannah - Iron & Wood [8 out of 10]

The new record is available to buy at any Old Hannah performance, in HMV stores, in Sligo record shops and on iTunes at the following link - https://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/id984083840