Album Review: Amazing Apples - A Little Sense

by Peter Nagle
There are far too many reasons for me not to like this album. It's a short, uncomplicated album of folk/rock songs that are one dimensional, lack depth, style and finesse. However in truth I really enjoyed listening to 'A Little Sense' by Galway band 'Amazing Apples'. 

The songs are simple tales of love, lust and relationships. The vocals are pleasant throughout and often enhanced by backing vocal harmonies and the uplifting style of the fiddle and the brass section. While simple many of the songs are brimming with charm such as the debut single 'Lullabye' and the opening track 'On Your Own'. This is the current single with the official video here now:

'Amazing Apples' are filling the void left by The Saw Doctors and you can hear influences that range from The Waterboys to Bruce Springsteen. For most of 'A Little Sense' I hear many quality songs. The final three tracks on the album really shine through. 'Skins' is such a great positive song about being brave in this world. Equally good is 'Two Steps' and 'Battle' which bring the album to a satisfying end. 

I'm surprised I enjoyed the album as much as I did. The quality of the songs and the atmospheric qualities of the violin elevates this album above the ordinary .....
Amazing Apples - A Little Sense [7 out of 10]