Interview: Mongrel State

Mongrel State is a four-piece band from Dublin with a sound that incorporates a wide sonic palette - from Rockabilly to Rock, Latin-American grooves and Cinematic Western Scores. Aside from their unique songwriting, what really sets them apart is the fire, commitment and energy that goes into their live performances.
1.     Who are you?

2.     Where are you based?
Dublin. Our rehearsal/second home/headquarter is in East Wall Road

3.    What achievements do you want me to know about?
Just finished to record our first album since we’ve changed name . 10 days of hard work with Gavin Glass at Orphan Recording. An incredible and inspiring experience with probably the best producer in Dublin at the moment. We gave our best and put all ourselves into this recording…and it sounds great!

4.    What are you up to now?
We just launched our first single” How many more times” with a sold out gig upstairs in Whelans. We also released a video for the song, which we love; the director Ciaran Dooley really captured the spirit of the song and also each of the characters in the band comes across very honestly.
At the moment  we’re touring all around Ireland: from Cork to Galway, from Dingle to Lahinch, basically everywhere in the country. 

5.    Name something unique about you or/and your product?
Each member of the band has different nationality. Darren from Sligo, Guillermo from Spain, Claudio from Italy, Sebastian from Argentina.  In every road trip or rehearsal we learn something new from each other’s culture and traditions and this keeps our relationship fresh and exciting all the time. Naturally, all this comes across in our music too, and the great thing is that more time we spend together and the more all these differences blend into something very personal and unique.

6.    What is the best song ever written?
Darren:  “Smokestack Lightning” – Howlin’ Wolf
Claudio: “I put a spell on you” – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

7.     What are your future plans?
Keep touring all summer, also in Spain and Norway. We’ll be releasing the album in October and tour all year after that!

8.   Where can I spend money on you or your product?
iTUNES – Our shows

9. Last one, ...... Make Us Laugh 

Darren is a great dancer and when he is the mood he will make you laugh a lot with his moves.V Here’s a little example, from the backstage of our video shooting: