Album Review: Inni-K - The King Has Two Horse's Ears

 Review by Peter Nagle  

Hailing from Kildare, 'Inni-k's debut album "The King Has Two Horse's Ears" is a excellent album which stretches the definition of charming. I've really enjoyed every moment of this fine pop-folk fusion record. From Inni-k's delicate vocals to the backing strings, to the big epic moments right back to those catchy jingle moments this is an accomplished album. Songs to impress include the single the single 'Come With Me', the foot tapping infection 'Find Your Beat' and my favourite song the atmospheric but understated 'Hold Tight'. There's a great video from Myles O'Reilly for this track.

There's a really gorgeous vibe from the whole album and it's perfect for behind the scenes background music. I found it tough to delve deep into some of the songs which mean overall I'll consider 'Inni-k' album as being an album of beauty rather than the album that completely envelopes me.  

Inni-K - The King Has Two Horse's Ears [9 out of 10]