EP Review: The Clicks - Time Goes By

EP Review: The Clicks - Time Goes By
by Peter Nagle

The Clicks are Dublin singer-songwriters Keith O'Brien and Shane Davis and 'Time Goes By' is their debut release under the name 'The Clicks'. The five track EP showcases both vocal styles, quality songwriting as well as including a quality cover version of one of my favourite songs.

The titles track opens the EP and is a fine folk tune with the right amount of strings to add a shine to an average track. 'I Know I've Won' is another really pleasant country folk song with superb harmonies. 'Bodies' sounds a little like The Avett Brothers and is the best song on the EP. Keith's vocals really shines on this song. 

The cover included is of Ryan Adam's 'Oh My Sweet Carolina'. The EP version is a live recording and it does a great song justice. To finish the EP there's also the obligatory Lullaby song that is actually a beautifully composed love song and brings a charming EP to a nice close. 

'Time Goes By' is a quality EP with fantastic vocals and harmonies from two of our finest songwriters. 

The Clicks - Time Goes By [7 out of 10]