Album Review: Anna Mitchell - Down to the Bone

Album Review: Anna Mitchell - Down to the Bone

By Peter Nagle

'Down to the Bone', the debut album from Cork's Anna Mitchell is a delightful collection of intriguing well written tunes that bind together to produce a very enjoyable, accomplished album.

Anna's voice reminds me of Natalie Merchants and the music wouldn't be too far removed from that which made Natalie Merchant a well known and respected artist. The contrast from Natalie Merchant's music is the unmistakable sounds of David Murphy's pedal steel guitar which gentle weeps throughout much of the album and elevates the music above the ordinary. 

'Down to the Bone' is a relationship album with song titles such as 'Let's Run Away', 'Lover's Lullabye' and 'Songs of Love'. Some of these are tales of conflict, such as finding your place in a relationship. The album begins with the song 'Paradise' which is about questioning the realities of a particular relationship. In general when listening to the album as a whole I'm drawn in by certain songs while others float on by. The songs that hit home are 'When My Ship Comes In' and 'My Consent'. 

I enjoyed the album without really falling head over heals for it. It's accomplished music that deserves as wide an audience as possible. It's got global appeal and I wish Anna all the success for it. I for one am looking forward to hearing the album live sometime into the near future.

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