EP Review: Able Archer - The Trouble With Strangers

Able Archer
The Trouble With Strangers
Review by Peter N

"The Trouble With Strangers" is an EP to check out if you're into straight up no nonsense alternative rock music. It contains two great songs and two average uninspiring tracks and therefore this is a mixed but generally positive review.

Ep closer 'The Descent' is an awesome rock song with outstanding vocals and enough strings to envelope the sound with dominating it. Everything comes together in the final minutes of the track building up to a cinematic climax. 

Track two, 'The Warden' while not hitting the heights of 'The Descent' is a great little catchy song with fine vocals. These songs elevate 'Able Archer' above the ordinary.

Sadly the other two songs don't do much for me. I'd imagine hearing opening track "Ghostmaker" live would be very impressive indeed but comes across as sterile and over indulgent on the EP. 'Only Love' has a decent chorus but on this track the vocals struggle to keep my attention.

There's potential in 'Able Archer' to do what no other Irish band have done in a very long time and that is to record a great album of alternative rock anthems. With songs like 'The Descent' and 'The Warden' they may well achieve this!


Able Archer - The Trouble With Strangers
8 out of 12

See Able Archer in Whelans on Thursday 18th December with support from The Riot Tapes.