Class of 2014 - EPs of the Year [PigsAsPeople, Abandcalledboy - by Paul Kavanagh]

Irish EPs of the Year
PigsAsPeaople - The Plot Against Future Plans
abandcalledboy - self-titled
by Paul Kavanagh

PigsAsPeople - The Plot Against Future Plans EP
Northern bruisers PigsAsPeople consistently make killer post-hardcore, and after touring the UK during the year, holed themselves up and recorded this down-tuned bunch of snarling porcine angst.

Abandcalledboy - Self Titled EP

Another northern band, but at this stage we've adopted them, and that's ok with me. Hotpress called this EP a game changer, Andy Kearns nodded in approval, it really is only a matter of time before all your coolest friends are talking about Abandcalledboy. They know their way around a riff.