Interview: Raphaels

1.     Who are you?

We are 'Raphaels', your friendly neighbourhood band - Ray on vocals and guitar, Michael on bass and backing vocals, Junior on lead guitar.

2.     Where are you based?

Dublin, most of the time.

3.    What achievements do you want me to know about?

I'd count releasing our debut EP 'Colours & Sounds' as a big achievement. It involved an awful lot of organisation and effort and it's paid off. We were also recently chosen to be the Hot Press band of the week and had a track played on Radio Nova.

4.    What are you up to now?

Right now, final preparations for the launch gig of our EP, on the 27th November in Whelan's, and planning for our next studio session and some UK dates in 2015.

5.    Name something unique about you or/and your product?

I'd say we're all proud of the fact that it's difficult to definitively say we sound like any other band when you listen to our music. We have an awful lot of influences, and it shows in our variety. Ray dabbles in the visual arts as well and being a songwriter

6.    What is the best song ever written?

Hmm... That depends on the day and the mood you're in! I've had 'Sir Duke' by Stevie Wonder stuck in my head for a few days now.

7.    What's the best album ever made?

Michael: As above... I'm in love with The Beatles' 'Rubber Soul', and have been for about fifteen years.

Ray: If I had to pick I would say ‘Bleed American’ by Jimmy Eat World.

8.     What are your future plans?

We're looking at heading into the studio again at the start of 2015, this time to record a longer EP, sort of a mini album. We've also been asked to go back to Liverpool for a gig or two, so that's going to be the starting point for a UK tour.

9.   Where can I spend money on you or your product?

Our EP 'Colours & Sounds' is on iTunes ( and Bandcamp (, and we'll have a few physical copies at future gigs.