EP review - "Irish Boys" - Old Hannah

EP review - "Irish Boys" - Old Hannah

Old Hannah’s new EP Irish Boys:Old timey goodness for those who love sitting on the front porch of a Sunday afternoon.
By Michaleen Oge

9-out of-12

This lovely three song EP is flawless in its presentation. Exactly what you want from an Americana style record, the only flaw is that there aren’t more songs. Old Hannah are a Dublin based roots outfit who originate in Sligo. The Ep is a lovely expression of passionate vocal harmonies, blending melodic Irish and American traditional music. 

Buy it now at http://oldhannah.bandcamp.com/album/irish-boys-ep 

And find them on http://oldhannah.com/

Old Hannah are Anthony Mannion (dobro/guitar/vocals), Lucie Crichlow (guitar/ vocals), Luke Mercer (guitar/vocals) and Leo Morris (banjo/guitar/vocals).

Irish boys - 9/12