Album Review: Little Green Cars - Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero is the debut album from much hyped Dublin band 'Little Green Cars'. There's some great tunes on offer but on a whole doesn't reflect the band's immense potential.

'Little Green Cars' are the one band many people have said to me are one of Ireland's best live bands. Their harmonies and musicianship live is breathtaking at times. 'Absolute Zero' should really be the album to propel 'Little Green Cars' into the charts and onto daytime radio in Ireland and hopefully worldwide but I'm just not convinced it will.

The main positive about the album is that there's at least six excellent songs within an album that flirts with indie, electronic, folk and pop music. Songs to impress me include the singles 'The John Wayne', 'Harper Lee', 'My Lover Took Me Down ....' with the best song on the album being 'Big Red Dragon'. The album's full of little catchy hooks, impressive vocals and positive lyrics. It's a really good album without reaching the heights I was hoping for.

I found the album a bit disjointed and flirted with too many genre's to be a complete entity. The middle tracks of 'Red and Blue' and 'The Kitchen Floor' don't add anything to the album, while the closing track was very disappointing and at the opposite end of the spectrum to great songs like 'Them' and 'Angel owl'.

In Ireland, there's a wave of positivity towards 'Little Green Cars' and I'd love for that to continue worldwide when the album is released in August but I don't think 'Absolute Zero' has enough great tunes to really excite indie music fans.

Little Green Cars - Absolute Zero [8 out of 12]

Little Green Cars are coming to Vicar Street this Saturday to celebrate the release of their debut album Absolute Zero

Gypsies on the Autobahn & EVIL SONS will be the special guests on the night

Tickets for the show on sale now from Ticketmaster Ireland