2Day's Tune: Cat Dowling - Hunters

Former Alphastates singer Cat Dowling released her debut solo album 'The Believer' recently and is busy promoting and touring the country supporting it's release. The best track off the album is this song 'Hunters'.

I won't be giving the album a review on the blog. With an album review I have to be able to give it a decent amount of listens to really get into the album and with 'The Believer' there's only a few really good songs but on a whole I was rather disappointed by the album. It failed to grab hold of my attention, was very monotonous and a real let down. Don't let my opinion stop you from checking out the album yourself at: http://catdowling.bandcamp.com/album/the-believer


Anonymous said…
I love all the tracks! Beautiful voice and songs :)
d_start_again said…
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