Album Review: LOWmountain - DNA

DNA is the wonderful second album from West Cork three piece band LOWmountain. It's simplistic beauty can not be overstated enough. One of the albums of the year.

I'm constantly surprised by the quality of music produced by the people of this small island with DNA by LOWmountian being one of the finest albums I've had the pleasure to review for this blog. 

In a nutshell everything about 'DNA' is perfect. It's an Americana, country folk sound with two sublime vocalists and great songs that you can immerse yourself into. The instrumentation throughout is flawless and effortless and the vocals carry tales of love, hope, despair, loss among the eleven tracks on the album. 

Songs to stand out include the charming tale of loss that is 'This House' and my favourite track on the album 'Spaces' with the great line: 
       "If there's a song for every inch of feeling
                  why don't you have some lines for me"
There's a nice instrumental track mid album which offers a pleasant break before the heartbreak and loss of the song 'The Wind That Round The Fastnet Sweeps' with it's opening line .....
      "My woman, she battled through rough sea and cancer,
              no mercy it showed her, now with a warm breeze she holds me"
The lead track of the album is 'Love is in the Detail' which is full of positive lines describing love before finally declaring that .... "Love is you"

The themes of the songs on 'DNA' are deep and intimate but they're packaged within a soundtrack that's charming at times and spine tingling and atmospheric at others. If this album was released in Nashville, LOWmountain would be huge and it needs you and me to tell people about it's quality. If you're a fan of great songs sung beautifully then check out 'DNA'.

LOWmountain - DNA [12 out of 12]