Album Review: Heidi Mattsson - Mama's Sadness

'Mama's Sadness' is the wonderful Americana folk debut album from Danish singer-songwriter Heidi Mattsson. She's such a great talent and this album is one of the best I've heard this year.

Lifted from her website: "Heidi Mattsson is a 26-year-old Copenhagen based singer and songwriter, originally from a small danish island called Bornholm. The last four years she has been playing with a steady handful of musicians and the cooperation has now become the artists debut album Mama's Sadness which will be released in February 2013." 

Heidi played Boyles of Slane two years ago and sent me on the album to review. Not thinking much initially, the album has steadily grown on me to the point where I really feel that this album and Heidi's songs are very special indeed. There's no pushing of boundaries in terms of composing or musicality but the songs are beautifully sung folk ballads that charmed their way into my life.

Songs that stand out include the title track, 'Once You Had Me' and the slow burning opening track entitled "The Land is Beautiful" which is a fantastic love song. Listen to 'Once You Had Me' here:

The best track for me is this little country folk song entitled 'Return' with it's charming chorus that showcases Heidi's wonderful vocals.

It's been a real pleasure listening to a perfect little country folk album of great songs and I can't recommend enough 'Mama's Sadness' from Heidi Mattsson.

Heidi Mattsson - Mama's Sadness [11 out of 12]

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