2Day's Tune: Paul Brady - Trust in You

Paul Brady and a band of familiar faces join forces to record this wonderful song:

Paul Brady - Trust In You (Live at Kinine) from Steve Mogerley on Vimeo.

"Directed by Stephen Mogerley

Live at Kinine #4 is upon us, showcasing "Trust In You", the second track on Paul's 1995 album, Spirits Colliding. Set in a studio in the foothills of the Dublin mountains, hosted by Irish songwriter, performer and music legend Paul Brady with a collaboration of Irish musicians, engineers and cameramen.

Featuring Aoife O'Sullivan (backing vocals), Cormac Breslin (electric guitar), Dara Munnis (piano), Dave Hingerty (drums and percussion), Keith Farrell (electric bass), Mia Fitz (backing vocals), Paul Brady (main vocals and acoustic guitar), Sarah Lynch (violin), Wallis Bird (bouzouki and backing vocals), Zoe Reardon (cello)

Recorded and engineered by John Munnis

Filmed by by Stephen Mogerley, Myles O'Reilly and Luke Byrne.

Produced by Dara Munnis

Edited by Stephen Mogerley

Copyright Hornall Brothers Music" ..... http://vimeo.com/58403668