Album Review: The Crayon Set - Self Titled

The Crayon Set's long awaited debut album is a little gem of an album featuring uplifting quirky indie pop songs composed to bring rays of pop sunshine into your life. 

Having formed five years ago with various different members, The Crayon Set have perfected their sound to create a folk-indie sound that mixes the indie elements of Belle & Sebastian, the non indulgent aspects of The Polyphonic Spree and the delicacy of a Lisa Hannigan album.

You'll hear a fine array of instruments among the 13 tracks including oboe, harmonica, piano, fluke, banjo, melodica, cavaquinho [small guitar], as well as the usual drums, guitars and interchanging female and male lead vocals. Vocally it's a really good album with backing vocals becoming very infectious throughout.

Songs that stand-out include radio friendly single 'No 1 Fan', the catchy 'Drifting Closer to the Sun', the excellent album closer 'Eurodisco' with my favourite being this wonderful track 'Wonderland'.

With 13 tracks there are a few blips in quality and there's a number of tracks which sound very similar to each other but that in my book is not a major issue. In a music world where perfection is demanded this could prevent the band from progressing from the smaller stages to bigger venues and larger audiences. I however wholly endorse The Crayon Set's debut album for you to check out.

The Crayon Set -  Self-titled [11 out of 12]

*** Album is due to become available soon in 2013, when I have details of the launch and where to buy the album I'll post it up on the blog then ***