Album Review: Ana Gog - Making Trails

Ana Gog's debut album 'Making Trails' is one amazing album of big dynamic sounds that demands repeat listens. Possible Irish album of the year!

'Making Trails' is for me one of them hard to define and categorise albums which simply sound perfect in every way. The eleven tracks are big on ambition and scope. Some tracks sound nearly theatrical while others bring a charming delicateness to the table. 'Making Trails' brings an 80's adult contemporary pop sound back into focus with their piano driven sound and perfect harmonies.

Of the eleven tracks, two are ballsy psychedelic instrumentals which are only to be admired. The epic '100 Years' is a slow moving emotional tune perfect for movie soundtracks. My favourite track is 'A Study of her Painted Face' with that wonderful guitar riff and quality vocals.

There's not a thing I'd change on 'Making Trails'. It's a powerful, emotional, dynamic, artistic, ambitious album which inspires and I hope it reaches as many people as possible. 

Ana Gog - Making Trails [12 out of 12]