2Day's Tune: Knoxville Morning - Knoxville Morning

I've had a good listen to the Knoxville Morning album that was released last October in Ireland and there's some really nice charming tracks on there. It's an album of drinking songs, tales of love and romance and full of stories with an American twist.  

Here's the deal with Knoxville Morning: "Knoxville Morning began life as a solo side-project of Band on an Island’s Ciaran Dwyer, before in time, growing into something far bigger. Joined by fellow Band On An Island members, Stefan Murphy (The Mighty Stef), Gavin Elsted (We Are Losers), Brian Gallagher (Humanzi), Claire Prendergast, Stephen Fahey (Super Extra Bonus Party), Deirdre O’Hagan, Rachael Caffrey and Laura Caffrey, they have created an inviting blend of folk, country and Americana, a classic sound with an Irish twist, draped in Ciaran’s intuitive storytelling." lifted from here.

Get the story of all the tracks from the album here: http://knoxvillemorning.com/album/