In Focus: MRU Awards Update

On Monday I wrote a post bringing light to the first Music Review Unsigned Awards to be held in the Mercantile on December 16th. 

The Editor of MRU has issues with this statement: " a question mark hangs over it's integrity." I outlined two reasons for this statement that (a) Many of the artists in the shortlist did not release anything in 2012 and that (b) the majority of the bands playing on the night made the shortlist but the bands were booked before the shortlist was announced. 

Last night the post was shared on Facebook by MRU and the issues I raised were commented upon. One of the reviewers maintains that there were many protocols in place for the judging of the acts nominated. This is welcome news which refutes my integrity claim. It was also cleared up that the bands were not required to have released anything at all through 2012. Being on the 'Scene' and gigging was enough to be considered. Again this clears up the question marks I had. In short the Awards celebrate those artists which impressed the MRU crew throughout 2012 and that's fair enough. 

I can understand very clearly why those involved in the monumental task of organising an awards show felt my comment as harsh and unfair. The positive message in the original post was lost among the negativity which is a real shame. 

For the record I'm delighted that the following bands are in the mix for awards on December 16th. 

Autumn Long for Best Album,

David Hope For Best Male,

Suzanne Savage for best Soul/Jazz/Funk,

The Thomas Donoghue Band for Best Acoustic,

Fox E. & The Good Hands for Soul/Jazz/Funk and will be amazing live on the night. 

Eric McGrath for Best Male,

Fiach & Bob Kelly for this awesome video concept,

Wicker Bones and Peter Doran for Best Unsigned Act 2012

The Henry Girls, Fling and Fiach for Best Folk

I'm looking forward to the Winning list on December 16th