In Focus: Musicians With Cameras

There's plenty of people recording music videos for YouTube and Vimeo etc. but the guys behind 'Musicians With Cameras' have got a good thing going with their YouTube channel:

Musicians With Cameras are Luke Byrne and Stephen Allen who for the moment anyway have taken a break from music to focus on creating quality videos for bands. Locations include fields, antique shops, coffee shops with this example alleyways in Dublin.

Sive - If I Had A Home To Go To

Sive's video is wonderful as is this from new band Nuisance filmed in a tiny shed!

Nuisance - Time Has Come

It looks like the plan is to do a mixture of acoustic session videos as well as full band live recordings such as this track from The Gandhis recorded in The Stag's Head.

The Gandhis - Change is Gonna Come

To get in touch with Musicians With Cameras send Luke and Steven an email to landsfilm[at]gmail[dot]com