Album Review: Seamus Fogarty - God Damn You Mountain

God Damn You Mountain, the debut album from Mayo folk artist Seamus Fogarty is bursting with simplistic charm and unusual sounds which makes it one of the most intriguing albums I've ever heard. 

God Damn You Mountain can only be bought as an LP with CD included and is a perfect conceptual album in the LP format. It has many charming traditional folk ballads either side of a mid-album anthem 'Rita Jack's Lament' which is one fascinating composition featuring lyrics by an older Irish lady and atmospheric sounds. It's highly recommended you get to hear this track. Equally essential listening is the title track here:

Other tracks to impress were the delicate and delightful  'Little Mama', the vocally impressive 'By The Waterside' which you can hear at the end of the review recorded at Electric Picnic and 'The Question'. The best track for me is 'The Wind' which entices me into Seamus's charming folk infused world. It's a completely mesmerising track that holds my attention throughout.

I do love this album even though I find it hard to get all the subtle meanings and objectives within the songs and throughout the album as a whole. God Damn You Mountain is a fine piece of art which intrigues and fascinates in equal measure.

Seamus Fogarty - God Damn You Mountian [10 out of 12]

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