Album Review: John Cathal O'Brien - Acid Week

Acid Week is the third album from Brooklyn based Dubliner John Cathal O'Brien released earlier this Summer. It's a fine lo-fi album of well written tunes which reveal a new layer of meaningfulness on every listen.

Acid Week is a little country-folk singer-songwriter album which if released with a campaign in Ireland wouldn't be out of place next to the new albums from Adrian Crowley, Mumblin' Deaf Ro or Owensie. Acid Week reminds me of the music from Martin Finke I loved listening to over a decade ago. Incidentally both Martin Finke and John Cathal O'Brien have spent time living in California with John Cathal O'Brien now residing in Brooklyn for the last year. It could be said it's an Irish album from a different perspective.

There are some lovely tracks on Acid Week. 'Let It Go' is vocally the best track on the album. 'Millions' is such a well written track full of instant imagry.

The opening track 'Leeches' is a superb track which gets better and more meaningful on each listen. It's a dark tale of troubled lovers and the bleakness of life. "The sun never sets in the Mission I guess or the fires just light up the street , we meet at a place that has aged like a face beautiful but ordinary. "

Acid Week is one of them albums you need someone to recommend to you before you can feel or see the beauty in it. It's an album with great lyrics and some superb songs which deserves your time to check out. 

John Cathal O'Brien - Acid Week [8 out of 12]

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