EP Review: Wicker Bones - Concatenation

'Concatenation' is the intense second EP from a serious Trad/Rock band 'Wicker Bones'. The band have stated: "It represents our strongest expression of the musical material closest to our heart and also aims to broaden the scope of what a traditional band, where three out of five members cannot read music, can do."

There's lots to admire in the band Wicker Bones. Firstly they want you to listen to their music and have their two EPs for free to download from http://wickerbones.com/ . Secondly they have excellent liner notes on that page explaining their decisions and inspirations for the EP. Finally they've produced a concept EP of three short instrumental arrangements followed by epic songs containing the intense vocals of lead singer Brian Dunphy. Listen to this 'Love Song' for an example of intense vocals towards the middle part of this excellent love song.

The most remarkable aspect of Concatenation is the new arrangement of the much loved 'Rocky Road to Dublin' which as explained by the band; "attempts to breathe new life into a very well known tune. The first verse is treated as a recitative over a pedal bass note which is suddenly cut off when the second verse kicks in." The Ep finishes with an old Traditional American Folk Balled 'Red Iron Ore' which expands the range of the band with fine vocal harmonies. 

Wicker Bones has something very special indeed and I hope they'll be able to carve out a fine career with music and vocals as rich as this. 

Wicker Bones - Concatenation [11 out of 12]