EP Review: Entheos - Where Creatures Meet

'Where Creatures Meet' is the new EP from Irish band Entheos and it's a really good representation of the band's energy, musicianship and songwriting skills.

Where do you begin to describe the sounds of Entheos? In the main the band is a folk band with buckets of energy and grunge-like vocals. The six piece band are excellent musicians with their energetic live performances in evidence on 'Where Creatures Meet'. Listening to the EP, it feels more of a live recording than a studio recording.

The EP contains four gripping trad-rock tracks and finishes with a fine balled 'For You'. My favourite track is 'Hotel Bar' with it's interesting lyrics and musicianship; especially the violin which elevates the track above the ordinary. The opening track 'Tend The Dark Flames' with it's fabulous backing vocals bringing depth and charm to Brian's gravel-like vocals.

 Unfortunately the vocals are a possible let down for some people. I really enjoy the contrast between the enriched Irish folk and the grunge vocals but it might not suit all ears.

Entheos - Where Creatures Meet [8 out of 12]


The EP launch is in the Workman's Club next Sunday with support from The Radioactive Grandma.

Check out 'Wild & Enchanted' off the EP at the King Kong Club