Album Review: Suzanne Savage - Jellymould

'Jellymould' by Suzanne Savage is another album to test my ability for finding as many different adjectives to describe how brilliant this album is. 

I'll be honest and say it's not easy for a solo female artist to grab my attention. It's very difficult for a solo female artist to stand out and be original while at the same time having good vocals and the ability to write a good song. On 'Jellymould', Suzanne Savage has perfected the songwriting art form and released an album of pure listening joy which reminds me the music Paula Cole was releasing over a decade ago. 

The album, recorded in 2011 in Karslruhe, Germany is in the main a pop album with flashes of jazzy keys, effective string sections and rockabilly throughout. Standout tracks include the first single 'Dart', the title track and the jazzy pop sound of 'Just Fine'. For me the best song is the folk love song 'Somewhere in Between' which showcases' Suzanne's soothing and effective vocals. 

What makes 'Jellymould' standout for me is those excellent vocals from Suzanne which I could listen to all day long. Her lyrics are meaningful and thoughtful with more than one song about the end of a relationship and moving on. I love this song 'Don't You Wanna Know' in particular for the positive lyrics.

When all's said there isn't a thing I'd change on this album. 'Jellymould' is another album that's impressed me big time this year. 

Suzanne Savage - Jellymould [12 out of 12]