Electric Picnic Picks #10 - Ana Gog

It's that time of the year nearly every Irish bands gets to update their status with 'We're Playing The Picnic'. To help you find the best bands on the schedule before you get to Stradbally I'll be picking ten relatively unknown bands for you to find at Electric Picnic. 

Part 10 - Ana Gog

Having recently named Ana Gog as the best act in Ireland it would be rude not to include Ana Gog as a band to see at Electric Picnic. Ana Gog make wonderful adult pop music which is big on sound and ambition. Their debut album due now in the depths of Autumn will be truly spectacular and highly anticipated by this writer at least. See Ana Gog on Friday on The Bamboo Stage in the Body & Soul area. 

Body & Soul Stages

6.00 Boy Lights Fire
7.00 Ana Gog
8.15 Bantum
9.30 Forrests
10.45 Lemonada
00.45 TR One
2.00 Roisin O
3.00 Altered Hours
4.00 Youth Mass
5.15 Tn Charm
6.30 Dott
7.45 Glimmerman
9.00 No Spill Blood
11.00 Metaphi/Metske
00.30 Spam Chop
2.00 Little Oak
3.00 The Rant
4.00 N.C. Lawlor
5.00 Tradiohead
5.50 Cian Finn
7.00 Tujacques
8.30 Replete
10.00 Sunken Foal
11.30 Space Dimension Controller
7.00 Cat Dowling
7.45 mynameisjOhn
8.45 Reid
10.00 Shane Mannion
11.30 Big Dish Go
1.00 Paddy Dooley
2.30 Frenchie
Noon Food waste & composting with Craig Benton
1.30 Croupier
2.30 Quack+Dirk Eco Fashion Show
3.45 Woodstock Festival’s Michael Long interviewed by Dave Fanning
5.15 Overhead, the Albatross
6.00 TBC
7.30 Ruari
9.15 New Jackson
10.30 Nightwave
Midnight Romare
2.00 Viperflo
12.15 The Bambir
1.20 Recycle Upcycle
4.00 Ambience Affair
5.00 Panel discussion – “inspriring humanity to protect our planet”
6.15 Ham Sandwich
7.15 Morbid Can Morbid
8.15 Frank B
10.00 Nanu Nanu
11.00 SertOne
Midnight Mother DJs
2.00 Zemi17