Album Review: The Aluskas - Draw

'Draw' from The Aluskas is everything a good album should be. It's a fun, catchy, varied indie/folk rock album which deserves your attention.

The Aluskas from Dublin is one of them hard to define bands. The debut single 'Blackwater Woods' earmarks them as a folk rock edgy band while songs like the impressive track 'The Sailor' brings to mind comparisons with artists such as David Ford or Matt Nathanson[Google them!]. When different genres like this are brought together it can be difficult to make it work in an album format but The Aluskas do a great job at binding these genre flirtations into an enjoyable 32 minutes. 

There isn't a bad track on the album and it works well as my background music for the last few weeks. However there was very little to really make me an enthusiastic listener. The better tracks for me are 'The Sailor' embedded above, the second single 'Where We Started Out' and this 50's style ballad 'Sorry's Not A Bullet Proof Vest'.

The Aluskas - Draw [9 out of 12]