Top 50 - Part 7 [16 - 50]

Here's the top 50 acts in Ireland according to my humble tastes. The list acts as a guide to the recently released music which excites me at this moment in time. It excludes bands not currently working in Ireland or who have been dormant for some time. So in basic terms here's a list of bands to watch out for on a random night in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Dundalk etc ....

50. Heritage Centre
49. Seamus Fogarty
48. The Man Whom
47. SJ McArdle
46. Allie Bradley
45. Drunken Boat
44. Polly Barrett
43. The Manhattan Syndrome
42. Aaron Shanley
41. Bouts
40. Shannon
39. Preachers Son
38. Wicker Bones
37. Pearse McGloughlin
36. Eric McGrath
35. Ghost Estates
34. The Henry Girls
33. Rams Pocket Radio
32. The Dirty 9s
31. The Crayon Set
30. Twin Terrace
29. The Lost Brothers
28. Little Green Cars
27. Fox E. & The Good Hands
26. Valentine Black
25. Youth Mass
24. Autumn Long
23. Arrow in the Sky
22. Storyfold
21. Senakah

20. Fling

Galway's trad/folk band 'Fling' push the boundaries of both genres with their energetic live performances, quality jigs and superb vocals.

19. The Riot Tapes

The radio friendly adult pop from The Riot Tapes suits my mood when I want something simple but with a kick.

18. The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock

The Spook are creating a nice niche for themselves as a great live band with a big sound nobody can describe.

17. We Cut Corners

We Cut Corners really impressed me at Cork XSW last year and their debut album was one of the best albums of last year.

16. Ham Sandwich

I'm delighted for Ham Sandwich that they are a band that sells out venues like The Academy and The Spirit Store. A Summer festival spot at Benicassim Festival should expand their fanbase to the wider world!

Part 8 soon!