EP Review: Foxglove - Crazy at the Helm

Enjoyable debut EP from Cork artist Foxglove which suggests she has a long and fruitful career ahead of her. 

The first I heard of Cork artist 'Foxglove' was earlier this year when her song 'Winter' was included on an all female Irish compilation album Cafe Irlandaise. I wrote in the review that 'The compilation flows onto another epic song from Foxglove with vocals from Niamh Murphy. Their sound fuses folk, pop and electronic to create another superb track.'.That song Winter is track two on the debut EP 'Crazy at the Helm'. This epic track is the middle of two very radio friendly pop songs which get better with every listen.

'Land's End' opens the EP in fine style which showcases Niamh's effective vocal style. It's a lovely sound which brings together an inherently Irish rock sound with an electronic twist. The best track for me is the third and final track 'Same Old Question' which begins like a Nelly Furtado hit and includes wonderful vocals with some spectacular long notes!

The good thing about the EP format is that you can get three very different tracks as the case with 'Crazy at the Helm'. However as the tracks are different the EP doesn't gel well together. What it does do is hint very strongly that a ten track album from Foxglove will be pretty special indeed.

Foxglove - Crazy at the Helm [10 out of 12]


EP launch is next weekend in Cork with support from The Hard Ground.