Album Review: The Plea - The Dreamers Stadium

'The Dreamers Stadium' is a surprisingly enjoyable mainstream stadium rock album from Donegal band The Plea. While I'm not blown away by the music of 'The Plea' there isn't a bad track on the album and is a superb all round good listen!

I've searched through all eleven tracks on 'The Dreamers Stadium' and there's not one bad track on there. Each song is pitched for the mainstream and are as inoffensive as anything you'll hear this year. Most of the tracks are chunky four minute anthems which sound great as background noise and will sound awesome at a large festival or in a large venue where I've no doubt these tracks will eventually end up! The best tracks for me are the current single 'Oh Ah Yay', 'Out on a Light' and this track 'The Odyssey'. 

The vocals throughout are exceptionally good, the production is perfect and the intricate musicianship on offer is of the highest quality. It's almost too good for a debut album, if that at all makes sense. The massive elephant in the room is the crystal clear comparison between The Plea and U2. However as U2 haven't released anything worthwhile in well over a decade I think it's time for a new U2! 

The Plea - The Dreamers Stadium [10 out of 12]

Official Video for 'I Am The Miracle'

The Dreams Stadium is released on May 14th